1934 West Union High School Senior Photo

West Union High School Senior Photo 1934

Top Row, Left to Right:: Violet Bonnell, Virginia Nutter,  Orie Williams, Madge Williams, ____??______, George Williams, Jewel Squires, John Dunfee, Vera Smith

Second Row, Left to Right: Wayne Doak, Wanda Rhodes, Anna Blance Hammond, Kyle Fisher, Vaude Wolfe, ______??_____, Paul Groah, June Swingel, Zffery Pitts

Third Row, Left to Right: Everett Gabbert, Madeline Spurr (Smith), Cyril Scott, Polly William (schumaker), Warner Stutler, Fred Barnes, Juanita Sutton (Baker), Wayne Underwood, Virginia Smith (Tennant)

Fourth Row, Left to Right: Nadine Thomas (Barker), Clair Smith, Pearl Smith (Chumbley), Charles Maxwell, Jacqueline Ireland (Wetzel), _____??_____,  _____??_____,  _____??_____, _____??_____

Fifth Row, Left to Right: Alice Jane Dotson, James Freeman, Tom Barnes, Goldie Pierce (Smith),  C. I. Elder (Principle), Robert Ellifritt, Vernida Underwood (Pritchard),  Smith Cottrill, Virginia Randolph (Moore)

Sixth Row, Left to Right:  Ruth Ash (Maxwell), William Dilworth, Jeannette Rice (Sines), Beulah Gabbert, Burl Fleming, Helen Snyder

Seventh Row, Left to Right:: Donald Davis,Edwina Wetzel (Vertner), Chester Morris, Naomi Hofelter (Hamilton)

 Eighth Row, Left to Right: Loretta Laine (Knight), Ernest Smith, Alten Spencer, Ed Summers

Ninth Row, Left to Right: Olin Wetzel, Helen Wallace (Cox), Lutie McCracken, Paul Strickling, Mabel Hutson (Foley), Diane O'Neal, Naomi Alley (Sellers), Bertha Flannigan (Droppleman), Robert Murphy

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Photo Courtesy of  West Virginia Division of Culture and History Archives and History Section: Sayre Studio Collection