1932 West Union High School Senior Photo

West Union High School Senior Class 1932

Top Row, Left to Right: Howard Knight, Edith Smith (White), Edward Heflin, Vivian Tennant (Cooper), Garland Zellers, Flossie McKinney (Holmes), Ella Demastus

Second Row, Left to Right:William Summers, Paul Spurgeon, Madaline Stinespring (Haught), Leroy McCormick, Floe Simon (Doak), Robert Hutson, Ruby Pierce (Zelnick)

Third Row, Left to Right: Lucille Gain (lough), Edward Vertner, Cletha Spurgeon (Osburn)< Ralph Kemper, Ruth Ramsey, Oral Chapman, Annie Morris (Gray)

Fourth Row, Left to Right: Kermit Smith, Bernice Tennant (Wilcox), Lewis McConnell, Ernestine Walton (Stipp), James Vogeding

Fifth Row, Left to Right: Ruth Willis, Ernest Smith, Helen Wallace (Cox), C. I. Elder (Principal), Duane O'Neal, Loretta Lane (Knight), Darrell McIntyre

Sixth Row, Left to Right: Ralph Haught, Lee Swiger (Haught), Freda Marple, Ferrell Morris, Christine Potts (Gray), Armatha Lemaster(Dillon)

Seventh Row, Left to Right: Charles Lee Flesher, Harold Smith

Eighth Row, Left to Right: Charles Maxwell, John Benson Price

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Photo Courtesy of  West Virginia Division of Culture and History Archives and History Section: Sayre Studio Collection